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When you register onto Funshine Club, we want you to be completely satisfied with the service we offer, from the initial stages of registration to your child’s experience with us.

Below are the terms and conditions which let you know what to expect from Funshine Club, and what we expect from you. We will always try to do the best for your child, make sure they are safe and conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty.


The protection of the children in our care is the responsibility of everyone employed by Active SuperStars. Therefore, staff need to be vigilant and act on any concerns they may have regarding the welfare of the children they are working with.

If any member of staff or parent has any suspicions about the treatment of a child, they must immediately raise it with the Club Manager. It is then their responsibility to raise the issue with the Managing Director so that the appropriate course of action for that child can be initiated.

For more information regarding our Safeguarding policies and procedures, please click here.


The Funshine Club provides recreational and educational care for children in reception to year 6, before and after school. During Term Time, this facility will be available to all children from Raddlebarn Primary School.

Every Child that comes to the Funshine Club has to be registered so that we are able to collect vital information to ensure that your child has the best care during their time with us. Funshine Club operates a booking system, on a first come first served basis, taking into account the following priorities:

  • Those wanting full time places
  • Siblings of those children already registered with the club.
  • Those with specific medical/other needs needing consistent care to ensure their safety and well-being.

Arrivals and Departures

For the safety and security of the children the front door will be kept locked at all times. On entering and leaving ALL visitors/parents/carers have a duty to ensure the doors close properly behind them. On arrival visitors/parents/carers should ring the bell.

A member of staff will open the door and welcome them in. The visitor/parent/carer will be escorted to the person they have come to see or to the child they have come to collect. The Funshine Club will not allow anybody other than the named persons on the child’s pick up sheet to collect the child unless we have prior notice from the parent/carer.

If someone else does come to collect the child, we will try to get permission from the parent but, should this not be possible, we will not allow that person to take the child away.

Before School Club

On Arrival to Breakfast School Club the child will be welcomed by a member of staff and the parent/carer will be asked to sign the child into the Funshine Club with their name and the time of entry.

Children will be escorted to the door of their classroom by a member of staff from the Funshine Club. The member of Funshine staff supervises them until the class teacher arrives.

After School Club

Children will be escorted to the club by at least one member of staff. The Funshine Staff wait for the children in the Infant and Junior Halls. The reception children coming to Funshine are collected from their classrooms. Each member of staff collecting the children is given a list of children to be collected, which is taken directly from the booking in sheets.

Parents must notify the Funshine Club as soon as possible if their child will not be attending or if they require a late pick up after an extracurricular club. If a child has not been collected at 6.00pm then a late fee of £3.70 for each 15 minutes is charged. Staff will telephone the parent/carer to determine how long they are going to be.

If a child has not been picked up at 6.30pm and no-one on the pick up sheet can be contacted to collect the child, then the staff will call Social Care and Health on 0121-303 1888 and arrange for the child to be picked up (only as a last resort and after continual late pick up). Staff will then wait with the child until this happens.

To view our full Arrivals and Departures Policy, please click here.

Invoicing and Payment

Active Superstars will send out invoices for your child's attendance each month. Payment must be made a month in advance to cover costs for running the club and providing your child food. Dates for invoicing and payments will be sent out via email once your child has been successfully registered onto Funshine Club.

Card Payments from all major providers (Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express) and PayPal.

Childcare Vouchers

We also accept payments by Childcare Vouchers. Please allow 3 working days for payment to reach our account. Our Childcare numbers can be found on the invoices in which we send out to you. If your registered Voucher Scheme is not has not been stated, please call the office on 0121 792 2643 so we can register with your chosen scheme.

If you fail to pay your fees by the deadline date, and need to be reminded consistently, we reserve the right to give you three warnings. If you continue to fail to make payment by the due date each month, we then have the right to give you notice to find alternative childcare provision.

Sibling Discount

If you have more than one child registered onto Funshine Club, then you will be entitled to receive a 10% discount. Please note that children must be siblings and be attending the same booked sessions each month in order to qualify for the discount.

Missed Days

If your child will not be attending Funshine Club for any reason, you must give written notice to info@activesuperstars.co.uk to make us aware. Missed days won’t be refunded, unless the admin team feel that it is mitigating circumstances to do so.

Cancelled Days By Funshine

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Active Superstars may have to cancel some days in mittigating circumstances, but as soon as a decision has been made to cloce the club, parents will be notified via text, email or phone call imediately after the decision has been made. Any days cancelled from Active SuperStars will be taken off of the following invoice.  

Cancelling Your Child's Place From Funshine

Should you wish to cancel your child’s place at Funshine Club, you must give written notice to funshine@activitysuperstars.co.uk. Please be aware that a months notice must be given.

Changing Your Child's Days At Funshine

If you need to make any changes to the days in which your child is currentley booked onto, please email your request to funshine@activitysuperstars.co.uk.


At Active Superstars, we are always striving for improvement, so if there’s anything you are unsatisfied with, please address it to the Club Manager or email funshine@activitysuperstars.co.uk. where we will take appropriate action to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Breakfast and Snack Time

At Active SuperStars, we pride ourselves on setting children a good example in living a healthy lifestyle by providing a selection of healthy breakfast choices and a healthy afternoon snack each day. We always take dietary requirements and any allergies into consideration when it comes to sourcing healthy food for your child, so please ensure that you notify us of any dietary requirements or allergies your child has with food.


High standards of behaviour are expected of all club members at all times. Active Superstars looks to positively influence children’s behaviour in order to achieve the following aims:  

  • To ensure the safety of children individually and collectively  
  • To help children to develop into responsible and caring individuals

Children at Funshine are encouraged to develop a sense of self-discipline and respect. They are given a clear and consistent idea of what is expected in terms of behaviour. Emphasis is placed on the positive recognition of children's behaviour, as well as their good attitudes.

To view our full behaviour policy, including staff, club members and parents expectations and responsibilities, please click here.

Pupil Exclusion

Active Superstars reserves the right to exclude any child for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriate parent or child behaviour, illness, bullying and repeated late collection. Refunds will not be offered for remaining days when a child is excluded.  No refund will be made for days missed and no compensation will be made for any other costs or losses incurred as a result.

Medical and Additional Needs

Active Superstars recognises that all children are different and the needs of individual children vary. We endeavour to accommodate children with specific needs and/or medical conditions within the wrap around care environment.

If your child has a medical condition (eg. diabetes, serious allergies, epilepsy etc) that we need to be aware of it is essential that you tell us prior to your child’s first day of attending Funshine Club.

Funshines’ policy is that, where possible, medication is not administered and if alternative arrangements can be made, this should be done.

Where this is not possible, and we wish to allow the medicine to be administered, the medication form must be completed by a parent/carer and given by a qualified first aid member of staff. All medication must be stored in their original container, and must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, dosage and methods of administration.

All medication is stored in the staff First Aid cupboard in the Funshine hall. All medications administered must be prescribed by the child’s doctor. If the child has a long-term illness or condition, and needs to take medication regularly. An individual healthcare plan will need to be completed by a parent/carer and in conjunction with their GP or a relevant healthcare professional and the school SEN.

It is the parent’s responsibility to update these forms each term, or if there is a change in the child’s medical needs. If there are any changes we may have to get written confirmation from the child’s G.P.

Illness and First Aid

If a child is deemed too ill by the Club Manager upon arrival to Funshine, we reserve the right to refuse participation on the club until the child has been symptom free for at least 24 hours. If a child requires medication, our staff can only administer medication if it is specifically prescribed for that child, by a health professional.

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary. All staff at Active SuperStars are first aid trained.

Accident Procedure

All accidents will be dealt with by First Aid trained staff. A member of staff will fill out an Accident Report Form which will then be handed to the parent/carer at time of picking up. A copy of this will be held by Active Superstars. The parent/carer will be contacted by telephone should an accident take place.

Personal Property

Valuable items should not be brought to Funshine Club. Active Superstars will not be liable for the loss or damage of any item of personal/valuable property brought to the club.

For more information on our policies, please call 0121 792 2643 or email funshine@activitysuperstars.co.uk, and we can send you all our policies and procedures to view. 

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