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Below are the terms and conditions which let you know what to expect from the Club, and what we expect from you. Parents and Carers wishing to use the Club are asked to carefully read the terms and conditions below.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

You will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms and conditions which will prevail over any other terms put forward by the Club at the time of your Booking. Application of these terms will commence on the date of your booking. The Club reserves the right to vary the terms at any time and will inform parents of any changes. Details of any variation will be set out on the Website

Timings and Prices



Cost Per Child - booked regular session

Pay as You Go - subject to availability

Breakfast Club

7.30 am - 8.40 am



After School Club Half Session

15.15 pm -16.45 pm



After School Club Full Session

15.15 pm -18.00 pm






Funshine is committed to the welfare and protection of all children in our care. We achieve this by identifying emerging issues, intervening early and working in partnership with other agencies.

We have appropriate safeguarding policies in place. All staff undergo an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check and receive appropriate training, such as Safeguarding, Prevent, and Food Safety.


We have some policies available for you to view below.

Safeguarding Policy, Intimate Care Policy, Health and safety, Risk assessment Policy

If there’s a specific policy that you want to read but can’t find below, please contact us in writing to.
please call 07508 404 278 or email, and we can send you all our policies


The clubs are registered with Ofsted, our registration number is 2559838.

The club is open throughout the School term of 39 weeks. Parents/guardians will be charged for 39 complete academic weeks. Inset days, polling days and any unexpected school closures are chargeable at a normal daily rate and will be included in the monthly invoice. Inset days, polling days and any unexpected school closures will be used for staff training and development

Places are offered in the following order of priority: 

Children already attending the Club (subject to a registration closing date)

Parents requiring full-time care on a regular basis for three or more days per week

  • Registration

All parents are required to complete our online registration form prior to starting at the clubs. The minimum start date after submitting the registration form is 3 days. If the start date exceeds 3 days then a holding fee of 50% of the days booked each month will be required to hold the place until the start date. 

An admin registration fee of £15.00 (non-refundable) will need to be paid to complete your registration. When you submit your registration form you will be asked to visit our payment page.

Failure to provide full details on the booking form may result in your place being cancelled. The club will not be held responsible for any incidents that occur as a result of failure to provide full details on the booking form.

If no places are available the parent will be informed and the child’s name added to the waiting list. As soon as suitable places become available parents will be informed


Registration does not automatically carry over when to the next academic year. At the end of the academic year, all parents will need to re-register to confirm their child's place for the next academic year and, therefore, enter into a new agreement for another 39 weeks. 

Pay As You Go

You can use our pay-as-you-go service if you need one-off additional sessions or if you require different sessions each week. Our cut-off point for Pay As You Go bookings is 10 am on the day of the booking so we can receive payment & information in good timing and add it to our pick-up register. If you need an urgent booking beyond this time you will need to call us first to confirm availability and confirmation via the phone.


We pride ourselves on setting children a good example of living a healthy lifestyle by providing a selection of healthy breakfast and afternoon snack choices each day. We always take dietary requirements and any allergies into consideration when it comes to sourcing healthy food for your child, so please ensure that you notify us of any dietary requirements or allergies your child has. 

The food we provide after school is not intended as a substitute for the main evening meal.

You can view our food menu here

Invoicing and Payment

Invoices for your child's attendance are sent by email. Payment must be made a month in advance on the 1st of each month. Payments must be made promptly for all booked sessions whether my child attends or not (e.g. due to illness, school trips or holidays)

Parents/guardians will be charged for 39 complete academic weeks. Inset days, polling days and unexpected school closures are chargeable at a normal daily rate and will be included in the monthly invoice. Inset days, polling days and unexpected school closures will be used for staff training and development.

There are various acceptable payment methods outlined on the monthly invoice including bacs transfer, card payment, and childcare vouchers. We do not accept cash for monthly fees.


Any absence due to sickness or holiday is chargeable at a normal daily rate. This is because your child's place is held and available on return. We cannot swap your regular booked session to another day due to absence

Play and Activities

We recognise the importance of play to a child’s development and in following the Playwork Principles to support and facilitate play. We have a range of activities that will keep children active and eager to learn. 

You can view our Activities timetable here 

None Payment

If you fail to pay your fees by the deadline date, we cannot accept your child's attendance at Funshine Club until payment is made. If you continue to fail to make payment by the due date each month, we then have the right to give you notice to find alternative childcare provision. Late fees and unpaid accounts will be referred to our debt collection services who will recover fees and expenses.  Additional fees will still be accrued during this process.


On arrival for drop off and collection, please contact us on 07939321015 and use the entrance on Umberslade Road. This is our collection point for pick up. 
Parents/carers must ensure that any person who may collect their child is listed on the registration form and that it is kept fully up-to-date.  At collection, staff will ask the person listed on the registration form to confirm their full name, phone number, and relationship to the child before release.  We will continue this process until the person becomes known by our staff.

If you require another person other than the names on your registration form to collect your child, you will need to put this in writing prior to the collection using the email we hold on your registration form together with their full name, a password, and their relationship to the child.

Late Collection 

If a child has not been collected on time for either the Half session or the Full after-school club session then a late fee of £1 for every minute will be charged. Parents should telephone the Club to determine how long they are going to be. If a child has not been collected on time on 3 occasions within half a term we can no longer accept your child's attendance at Funshine Club

If a child has not been picked up by 6:00 pm and no one on the contact information can be contacted to collect the child, then the staff will call Social Care and Health on 0121-303 1888 and arrange for the child to be picked up (only as a last resort and after continual late pick up). Staff will then wait with the child until this happens. 

Club Closure

Funshine will close on weekends, all statutory holidays (including Bank holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) School holidays are not included in the term time contract and are not charged for.

The club is open throughout the School term of 39 weeks. Parents/guardians will be charged for 39 complete academic weeks. Inset days, polling days and any unexpected school closures during term time are chargeable at a normal daily rate and will be included in the monthly invoice. This is to ensure we can continue to provide the service throughout the school term of 39 weeks and support our staff with training and development

Cancelling and Changing Your Child's Place

Should you wish to cancel your child’s place at Funshine Club or reduce your sessions, you must give written notice to Please be aware that 1 month's notice must be given.

If you wish to increase your days to your regular monthly booking please email your request to You must give a minimum of 24 hours for us to check availability and confirm. 

If you require any one-off additional sessions to your regular booking please use our Pay-As-You-Go service subject to availability


If your child attends a Sports or Activity club after school, our staff will collect your child at the end of the session and take them to Funshine where they will be given a snack and continue with the activities at Funshine. 

If you still want us to keep your place open, your fees are still due even if your child attends an afterschool sports or activity club. If you no longer want to keep your place, you can cancel by giving a minimum of 1 month's notice.

Price Increase

In the unlikely event where we need to increase the price to keep the club and service running, you will receive a minimum of 1 month Notice. 

Photo Consent

We may sometimes take photos of children during activities for the sole purpose of promoting Funshine club. Photos taken will be visible on our activities gallery and on the Club Notice Board to show children and parents which activities we do.

If you do not wish your child to participate in photos please inform us by emailing us at


High standards of behaviour are expected of all club members at all times. Children at Funshine are encouraged to develop a sense of self-discipline and respect. They are given a clear and consistent idea of what is expected in terms of behaviour. Emphasis is placed on the positive recognition of children's behaviour, as well as their good attitudes.

Funshine reserves the right to exclude any child following acts of verbal or physical violence towards children and adults. If a child has been excluded from school, they will not be allowed to attend After School Club.

Personal Property

Valuable items should not be brought to Funshine Club. Funshine will not be liable for the loss or damage of any item of personal/valuable property brought to the club.


We are always striving for improvement, so if there’s anything you are unsatisfied with, please address it to the Club Manager or email where we will take appropriate action to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

For more information on our policies, please call 07508 404 278 or email, and we can send you all our policies and procedures to view. 

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